The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) is a firm supporter of intellectual property rights, and for good reason – the video and pay TV industry in Asia loses more than a billion US dollars annually to unauthorised connections of various types to our member companies’ networks.

AVIA monitors developments in the region and maintains a twin dialogue with governments and with industry. We believe that anti-piracy efforts depend crucially on three elements:

  • Technology: to provide strong safeguards against unauthorised access.
  • Law: to provide updated, meaningful penalties to deter infringement of copyright and of broadcasting control laws.
  • Enforcement: to ensure that laws are carried out and that a vicious circle of piracy does not undermine the industry’s contribution to Asian development.

Coalition Against Piracy

The Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), launched in October 2017, adds full-time anti-piracy enforcement activities to the policy, information and IP advocacy activities that AVIA predecessor, CASBAA, had successfully been undertaking for many years.

The single biggest challenge to the content industry continues to be piracy, and as more of the industry turns to delivering content over the internet, digital piracy is a particularly big problem and is impacting all businesses involved in the production and distribution of legitimate content. That is why content producers, distributors and content platforms are coming together and joining AVIA’s Coalition Against Piracy to combat this threat to their industry.

Singapore Anti-Piracy Efforts

We are all familiar with what an illicit streaming device (ISD) is. These devices are preloaded, pre-installed or configured with software (applications) that enables consumers to stream audio-visual content from illegal content servers. 

The Singapore government will be taking affirmative actions to “pro-actively stamp out” the sale of ISDs.