The Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), launched in October 2017, adds full-time anti-piracy enforcement activities to the policy, information and IP advocacy activities that AVIA predecessor, CASBAA, had successfully been undertaking for many years.

The focus of CAP is to combat infringing streaming sites and illicit streaming devices (ISDs) and apps which facilitate massive piracy of movies, sports, TV series and other creative video content. The ISD and app ecosystem is fast becoming the ‘perfect storm’, impacting all businesses involved in the production and distribution of legitimate content. The ISDs technological ecosystems allow for the efficient streaming of hundreds of unauthorised live TV channels and video-on-demand (VOD), whilst presenting no obvious single point of attack from a law enforcement perspective. The CAP programme is targeted; we believe that with limited resources we must focus on a limited set of priority markets. Those markets currently comprise the major SE Asian countries Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Mitigating the piracy threat requires international cooperation and CAP provides added support for the content and distribution companies in the world-wide fight against piracy.

CAP has worked collaboratively with similar initiatives and associations underway in other parts of the world, including the newly-formed Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the Audio-Visual Anti-piracy Alliance UK (AAPA) and the IPTV Task Force.

For industry initiatives and actions to be successful, the cooperation of technology platforms and other intermediaries is essential. Working alongside e-platforms and social media sites where ISDs are commonly traded, as well as disrupting illicit commercial transactions, are key components of any anti-piracy strategy. As such, CAP has developed a productive working relationship with the most popular e-platforms and financial processors in SE Asia and has in place a successful ‘rolling’ intermediary strategy aimed at reducing the online trade of ISDs through both proactive and reactive measures.

Monitoring the extent of ISD penetration and being able to provide governments, law enforcement agencies and the media with credible data is also a key strategic component of CAP. Monitoring such consumer data also provides tangible evidence of whether the in-country anti-piracy strategies are indeed working. CAP works with credible and cost effective consumer research  companies to elicit such data which also folds into their targeted media strategy.