TV (mainly Free-to-Air) continues to be a hugely popular media in emerging markets like Indonesia and it still dominates ad spend. The thriving TV industry in Indonesia is also evident from rising competition in the pay TV industry. The Indonesian pay TV market has suffered lower ARPUs as consumer spending on TV services is constrained by low incomes and intensified market competition.

Video streaming platforms have been expanding into emerging markets such as Indonesia, with localised content and user-friendly subscription methods. Falling smartphone prices and improved 4G coverage have also contributed to heighten smartphone penetration and growth in SVOD services. Despite the increasing demand for online video streaming, the biggest competitor to these services is piracy.

The Indonesia in View forum will address concerns pertaining to the region’s pay TV market, video streaming developments, and explore new business strategies for growth.

Key themes will include:

  • Video streaming: Will it be the future of TV in Indonesia?
  • Thought Leaders’ Visions for the Next 3-5 Years
  • Pay TV vs VOD
  • Content Monetisation: Packaging, partnerships and relevant payment method(s)
  • Consumer Demands: Local vs foreign content, types of genres and formats
  • Online Video Advertising: Where’s the sweet spot?
  • Approaches Against Video Piracy
  • eSports Business in Indonesia

* All details subject to change