India has primarily been a television set household. Today, OTT video is the unusual alternative, which is growing and bringing television entertainment to the screens in people’s pockets. This makes mobile an increasingly important focus for advertisers.

The video streaming market in India is buzzing with competition. It has more than 20 frontline players vying for consumers’ attention and some are investing heavily in building local and original content.

In this age of technological development, Indian consumers have become more conscious about the price they pay for services. The main hindrance to the OTT market in the country is the average price for cable and satellite subscriptions, which limits subscription revenues for the OTT players. This makes monetisation a challenge. There is a need for new sources of revenue growth and, given the pace and scale of change underway, speed is vital.

The OTT India forum will discuss key themes including:

  • Getting the Right Content Mix and Pricing for Faster Monetisation
  • Revenue Generation: Will the SVOD, AVOD or Freemium model win?
  • Telcos Talk: How business models are evolving owing to OTT
  • Recent Telco-OTT Partnerships and How They Are Creating a Differentiation
  • News Genre: A potential category to monetise on OTT platforms
  • Live Sports and eSports
  • Expected Consolidation Amongst Major OTT Players: How will this impact the market?

* All details subject to change