We are at an interesting juncture for the satellite industry on a global scale. The market is evolving with more demand than ever before for satellite connectivity. The continued growth of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) is opening up new opportunities and capabilities in numerous vertical markets across Asia Pacific.

With Asia’s vast land mass – which includes many rural and isolated areas – this means terrestrial broadband is not always an option when deploying high-speed services. This makes HTS ideal for service providers looking to offer competitive broadband packages.

As viewing habits change, the broadcast landscape is shifting. Further demand for 4K UHD content is expected, meaning broadcasters must efficiently make the most of their existing space segment to deliver more content at lower costs, while maintaining high quality and reliability.

IoT and 5G will also bring change and opportunity. Satellite technology has a pivotal role in driving the growth momentum behind IoT and unlocking the promise of interconnected devices. Meanwhile, regulators are searching for opportunities to clear spectrum bands for 5G and satellite communications. The critical element, though, will be ensuring co-operation between satellite, wireless and fixed-network operators to help usher in the next wave of satellite communications for the benefit of 5G.

The Satellite Industry Forum will discuss key themes including:

  • Challenges and Opportunities for an Industry in Transition
  • Transforming the Satellite Broadband Value Proposition
  • Value-added Reseller (VAR) Views: Unlocking the growth potential for HTS in Asia
  • UHD TV Live Event and News Broadcasting: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and beyond
  • Operators’ Views: Assessing the industry’s 5G strategy
  • Surging Opportunities for Global Satellite 4G Connectivity and Backhaul
  • How Satellite Start-ups Are Capturing New Verticals in Asia: Infostellar, SpaceX, muSpace
  • Project Loon: Vision, trials and how it aims to complement other infrastructure solutions
  • VCs and Financiers’ Perspectives

* All details subject to change