India has primarily been a television set household. It is the second largest subscription television market in the Asia Pacific Region in terms of number of subscribers. Today, OTT video is the unusual alternative, which is gradually becoming a mainstream entertainment destination in the midst of growing Internet users.

India, a country of 1.3 billion people is a unique market with approximately 600 million phone users and has the world’s streaming giants beating a path to its door. The Indian video streaming market is buzzing with competition. Companies are investing to win over users and have taken many steps to capture the market.

The India OTT space, with more than 30 players in the arena, is primarily modelled on AVOD or Freemium with SVOD catching on. In this age of technological development, Indian consumers have become more conscious about the price they pay for services. Major advertisers are starting to cut digital spend and shifting their dollars back to TV. This makes monetisation a challenge.

What can we expect in 2019 in this region?

The OTT India forum will discuss key themes including:

  • Content & Collaborations New Buzzword for Telcos and DTH Operators?
  • Capturing the First Billion Subscribers
  • How Are Content Owners Contending with OTT Fragmentation?
  • What Business Models (SVOD, AVOD or Freemium) will Open Doors for Monestisation?
  • Is Digital Ad Spend Shifting Back to TV?
  • Content Regulations – Question is: To have or Not to Have?

* All details subject to change


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