The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) produces a number of specific reports and papers each year focused on key issues or countries that are relevant and important to our membership. In the past these have included country in view reports focussing on China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and India. Issues we have looked at include pay TV and OTT regulation and we regularly make submissions to various governments on a range of topics from satellite spectrum to pay TV regulation.

Publications & Reports

Specifically, we have written on the following countries/topics:

  • China Online Video Industry in View (2018)
  • Vietnam in View (2018)
  • OTT Regulatory Policies in Asia (2018)
  • Philippines in View (2017)
  • Taiwan in View (2017)
  • Myanmar in View (2016)
  • Thailand in View (2016)
  • India Satellite Capacity Crunch (2016)
  • Same, Same but Different (Pay TV Regulatory Policies in Asia) (2015)

Additionally, we produce annually the following publications:

  • Year in Review¬†– which highlights all our activities over the year.
  • Asia Pacific Multichannel TV – A “What & Where Roadmap” to Asia Pacific pay TV data.

Our members also produce various reports of relevance to the industry.

Visit our Download Centre to view the full list of Publications & Reports.

Submissions & Responses

AVIA has presented the following submissions and responses on the following countries/topics in 2017-18:

  • National Digital Communications Policy (India)
  • Consultation on Uplinking and Downlinking of Satellite Channels (India)
  • Consultation on the Auction of Spectrum (India)
  • Allocation of Satellite Spectrum (India)
  • Space Activities Bill (India)
  • The Review of Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulatory Regimes (Hong Kong)
  • Consultation on Indirect Advertising (Hong Kong)
  • Arrangement for the Assignment of Spectrum in the 3.4-4.6GHz Band (Hong Kong)
  • Study in the Future Supply of and Demand for Telecommunications Infrastructure Capacity (Hong Kong)
  • Consultation on Spectrum Sharing (Pakistan)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme for Telecom and Media Services (Singapore)
  • Joint response to the Preparing for 5G consultation (New Zealand)
  • Memorandum on Frequency Sharing and Coordination between FSS and FS Systems (the Philippines)
  • Contribution to the annual USTR Intellectual Property Review annually on the country watchlist